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Lilli Movie Review: A brutal but honest movie, the story of which will remain fresh after the movie is over

Published On: 04 October 2018 | Mollywood | By:

Lilli Movie Review: A brutal but honest movie, the story of which will remain fresh after the movie is over

A movie which will not let your heart rest for a moment. Non-stop drama with a intense flavour created with the cinematography and direction. Sometimes it’s more than the star rating of the casts that empower the movie to be so much more better. This movie is all about its role players that make it perfect.

A gist of the story narrates Samyuktha Menon as a pregnant woman who has been kidnapped by 3 men who have a purpose for such an abduction which we only come to know in the second half of the film. This isn’t just a story of Lilli but the strong story of survival against odds that no one could imagine. A young pregnant wife, mysteriously kidnapped by 3 men for motives which are reckless and for which they torture her.

What's new? The film brought in something the Malayalam industry hasn’t seen at all. A suspense thriller isn’t a taste of which the fans haven’t experienced much nowadays. Prasobh Vijayan certainly brought out genre’s that makes this movie fresh. In all majority of Malayalam movies, the men have taken the upper roles. As times change it is only in few instances we see a female being the core actor of the movie. Samyuktha is one such actress to be the heart and soul of the movie.

Samyuktha deserves a lot of praise for the very fact she delivered a power packed performance. One would give a good rating for her acting, but maybe a thumbs down for a little too much drama. Other points of praise would be for the fact of not so familiar actors putting forth commendable performances.

If you do go for the movie, be prepared! You’re buying this ticket knowing the fact that you do not mind violent scenes and scenes which have many gruesome activities. Movie not for the light hearted, but you just can't miss the story and depiction and action of the movie. Its that good.


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