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Koode: A story more than Joshua, but also Joshua's Father.

Published On: 18 June 2018 | Mollywood | By:

Koode: A story more than Joshua, but also Joshua's Father.
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17th June reserved its right for fathers day and social media was flooded with wishes and cute pictures of the person and their dad/family. Prithviraj also had something to say too for his pops, Sukumaran.

Like every son..I too idolised my father. He was my mentor, friend and hero. I remember wanting to grow up that I could sit down for that “man to man” with him every now and then. I remember him as someone who knew everything..EVERYTHING. But just as I was evolving into this little man..I lost him. He left me with so many little and big things that I could never do with him..and worse..he left me with that “I wish I knew” feeling. There on..I mostly discovered the man he was through little snippets and anecdotes I got from people who knew him. From my mom, brother, his friends and colleagues..I discovered a side of my father I never knew. And today..who he is in my part who I knew through the 13 years of my life..and part who I’ve been told he was.
Strangely..Joshua too had to in a way lose his father..though not to the exact same age as I did! And then..years later..Joshua too re discovers his a broken version of the man he once knew..and little stories that people around him tell him. KOODE..according to Joshua’s story. But I know for sure..that it’s as much Joshua’s father’s story.
Happy father’s day dad. Happy father’s day Aloshy.
Happy father’s day to every child’s hero!

What a sweet way to bring up Koode. The feels from the film is revealed a tad, but its not a spoiler at all. Anjali Menon has got something coming out from the movie after the release of its songs which gathered up 2 Million views already. The movie will make it to theatres on July 6th.

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