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"I Love You So Much!" And What Malayalam Cinema Really Rendered Out Of This.

Published On: 30 April 2019 | Mollywood | By:

"I Love You So Much!" And What Malayalam Cinema Really Rendered Out Of This.

Malayalam reels always cheered for purple scenes and it will never get old.

It never gets old to see the purple scenes again and again, even if that romance is old wine in a new bottle thing. When it comes to Malayalam, this area is really hot; at least for the Mallus. So, what does really happen in the name of stalking romances?

First a vague proposal, then a denial, then comes to a problem, then sentiments, finally leading to the very first point of love. If this isn't the case, first come proposal, denial, a fight sequence, then the 'awe' moment and then love. But there are movies which reject these conventions. Kamal's Ee Puzhayum Kadannu, Sibi Malayil's Summer In Bethlehem and Mohan's Angane Oru Avadhikalathu narrate direct love theories.

So what do people really want?

If people really need a Cathartic overflow of emotions, they really shouldn't watch proposal scenes. Instead, they must go for Shakespeare Dramas. Talking about dramas, one fine proposal scene should be mentioned to prove how much natural intelligence is given towards romance. Kamal's Ee Puzhayum Kadannu has this proposal scene. (not the typical kind) It's between Dileep and Manju Warrier. He strikes the conversation by gifting her a Favre leuba watch. (Because he is a Watch Mechanic.) Then he predicts how tomorrow's night is going to be. "Vidhoorathayil ninnu oru paatu ozhuki ethum..." He says "Tomorrow night, by 12:00 am, you will hear a song. You will search for the singer..." and boom!! She falls in love.

Nowadays, this won't happen. Everything is more sophisticated. You won't even know they are proposing or just conversing. It happens so fast, and if it isn't, it will be very slow. But now, wooing and getting wooed are not the central ideas. It's all about how the character should be. That's why there is this huge difference between writers like A.K Lohitadas and Shyam Pushkaran. Now wooing is the end, not the beginning. There will be no creeping, no funny stalking parades and not even situation songs. Now, scenes of Summer In Bethlehem are seen as irrational because of apps like truecaller. Vandanam- mobile phones should have been there for Unnikrishnan and Gaadha.

Won't people get bored at such romances? Positively no! It keeps on rolling until we hit the end button.


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