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Athiran Movie Review: A satisfying horror film with less cliché.

Published On: 12 April 2019 | Mollywood | By:

Athiran Movie Review: A satisfying horror film with less cliché.
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It is not a usual horror film with stereotypical jump scares and sound effects which bleeds your ears. But it is a suspense thriller and some creepy scenes which will scare you.

“Brighter the light, darker the shadow”, this line is written on the board of a mental asylum. This line itself can scare the people with weak heart.

The movie opens in 1967 introducing Shanti Krishna’s character.

The movie takes a leap to the present year with Fahadh’s entry as MK Nair.

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He comes to visit the creepier mental asylum which is owned by Benjamin (Atul Kulkarni) and Renuka (Lena). The couple is mysterious with a purpose.

The first half is gripping and has all the elements of a thriller which is hooked till the climax. But the climax is a little disappointing.

The debutant director Vivek has created a very well-intentioned thriller which can satisfy all the thriller lovers.

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But it seems that he has diluted his script by adding commercial elements for the mass audience.

Fahadh does an able job and Atul Kulkarni, as usual, shines in his part, but surprisingly, this is Sai Pallavi’s movie. With almost-zero dialogues and the body language of someone with mental shortcoming, she still manages to fill the screen with a lovability and reaches out to the audience. 

In flashback, it is revealed that Nitya’s father, played nicely by Renji Panicker, felt that kalarippayattu was the way to help her cope with her ailment. And she gets to do some kickass stunts.

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While the film has thrills and is a venture with a difference, it lacks in some heft. There are a ‘thrills for the sake of thrills’ feel to the movie. But if you are in the mood for an adrenalin rush, ‘Athiran’ won’t disappoint.

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