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Trunk Movie Review: Another Decent Attempt By Sandalwood In Horror

Published On: 13 July 2018 | Sandalwood | By:

Trunk Movie Review: Another Decent Attempt By Sandalwood In Horror

Trunk is a 2018 horror film which stars Nihal and Vaishali Deepak in lead roles, the film is based on a true story of a paranormal activity which took place in North Karnataka.

Usually, the horror genre in Indian cinema is mainly infamous for projecting unintentional laughs which has made the horror genre extinct. Now, Sandalwood has managed to take the risk in this genre when most of the other languages have made a fool of themselves by showing their "horror" films which were more of laugh riots instead of chilling horror.

Trunk is the latest film in Sandalwood, the film revolves around a psychology lecturer Rahul whose life has nothing unusual going on until when he meets Harini who is an actress in a TV show. Just like every film, they get married and move in, Harini brings her trunk along with her and the life resumes as usual.

As days passes by, Rahul experiences strange happenings in the home and his wife starts behaving strange as well. Rahul thinks it is because of her love for horror flicks. But the root cause of the paranormal events happening is because of the trunk.

The plot keeps the viewers hooked and there is a lot of unpredictable element present which will force the users to guess what is going to happen next? This film is a good effort by Sandalwood in the genre of Horror.


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