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Shivarajkumar completes 36 years in the industry

Published On: 04 January 2023 | Sandalwood | By:

Shivarajkumar completes 36 years in the industry
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Shivarajkumar is one actor who is very consistent in his career carrying on his father Dr. Rajkumar's legacy and continuing as a leading hero for 36 years giving tough to younger heroes in terms of films, competition, box office, dance and fights too.

With 'Vedha', Shivarajkumar completes 125 films in 36 years since he made his debut in the 1986 blockbuster 'Anand' directed by Singeetam Srinivas Rao. Since then, Shivarajkumar has come a long way, seeing the industry change a lot, audience tastes changing and audience expectations changing. Shivarajkumar as a hero has seen the 80s 90s 2000s 2010s and is currently seeing the 2020s decade. One wonders how Shivarajkumar manages this longevity so far.

Speaking in his recent interview, Shivarajkumar opens up by saying, the audience's expectations have changed a lot since he began acting and the audience expects quality making citing the examples of how Tamil Cinema and Malayalam Cinema have evolved in terms of making but at the same time Shivarajkumar argues with the directors saying if the film is only about making but what about the story? Shivarajkumar prefers story and making to be in sync with each other and that's when good films come out.

Today's heroes dedicated a year or two years to a film and there's no guarantee the film will be a blockbuster. Shivarajkumar explains his longevity is all about doing films consistently but not blindly. Shivarajkumar opines that a 'KGF 2' or a 'Kantara' can't keep happening every time but heroes have to keep working consistently rather than restricting themselves. Shivarajkumar cites the examples of Akshay Kumar and Dhanush who do multiple films every year giving out successful films and keep running consistently rather than sticking to one project. When the brain is ready to take the workload, you should just leave it Shivarajkumar's policy states.

Also when asked Shivarajkumar about what keeps him going even at this age, Shivarajkumar instantly said that it's the demand which keeps him doing films and he wants to utilise the demand properly because the future is uncertain Shivarajkumar is unaware of what demands the future holds for the actors.

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