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Sankashtakara Ganapathi Movie Review: A Joyful Ride With Fun Moments

Published On: 27 July 2018 | Sandalwood | By:

Sankashtakara Ganapathi Movie Review: A Joyful Ride With Fun Moments

Sankashtakara Ganapthi is the comeback film of Likith Shetty, the film releases today.

Sankashtakara Ganapathi is the story of a cartoonist Ganapathi (Likith Shetty) who is a cartoonist in love with his college crush Shruthi (Shruthi Gorodia). This seems like a perfect love story with everything going great, both boy and girl like each other and it is synonymous that All's Well That Ends Well.

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But this one is not like that as Ganapathi has a Alien Hand Syndrome which is a hindrance to his love life and also acts as a wedge to separate him from his ladylove. Alien Hand Syndrome is a very strange condition which happens to a human being where his limbs and legs start reacting in a peculiar manner and it goes out of control as well. This one will surely give us some laughs and the audience might got ROFL on this one. The film follows with the romance with a lot of fun and humorous moments which sum up the quotient. The first half of the film is bit slow but if you watch the second half, you will automatically forgive the first half for it. 

Overall the film is a one-time watch which is just alright for the audience and it will make up your boredom at the same time.


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