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Raghu Dixit: Another Victim Of The #MeToo Nuclear Bomb Explosion Apologises

Published On: 11 October 2018 | Sandalwood | By:

The #MeToo has dropped like a nuclear bomb on social media and it has managed to destroy many careers of prominent personalities. Now, its radiation has spread into Sandalwood with Raghu Dixit, the latest victim.

Raghu Dixit: Another Victim Of The #MeToo Nuclear Bomb Explosion Apologises

What?! Are You Serious?! This is the reaction which most of the netizens will have when we hear that this man is accused of sexual harassment. The man turned out to be none other than the veteran talented music composer Raghu Dixit.

This incident came to light when a famous multilingual playback singer Chinmayee Sriprada narrated a story of one of her friends via twitter who was an aspiring playback singer went to his recording studio. He asked the girl to kiss him while signing the cheque and even branded him obnoxious for his disgusting acts.

Raghu Dixit then opened up about the incident and then also issued a public apology on Twitter and also stated that he had apologised the girl then.

His wife Mayuri Upadhyaya has extended the support for her husband and even stated that he will cope up with this battle very soon.

How long will the radiation of #MeToo be spreading and how many will be toppled? We will have to wait and watch. 


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