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Puta 109 Movie Review: A Whodunit Works Well In Sandalwood

Published On: 16 November 2018 | Sandalwood | By:

Puta 109 Movie Review: A Whodunit Works Well In Sandalwood

Puta 109 Movie Review: This whodunit gets most of us engaged if you are planning to watch it in theatres. Check out our movie review before you give it a go...

Whodunits are everyone's favourite genre when it comes to movies. These kinds of movies work like a marvel in terms of storyline and direction. Movies like this are quite rare in the industry. This is what Puta 109 tries to revamp in the plot.

The film revolves around a crime novelist Sri (Naveen Krishna) who finds his wife killed in cold-blood and a police officer JK (Jayram Karthik) is called in to investigate the murder. Both Sri and JK team up together and try to find the culprit behind it by questioning every suspect who was related to his wife. The list starts from the housemaid to the family friend and nobody can be trusted.

The real heroes in this film are the camerawork and the dialogues which are the USP of the film. These two elements engage the viewers by making them guess what all of this actually means when a cop and a novelist are in a conversation.

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Naveen Krishna plays perfectly as the crime novelist in the movie and Jayram Karthik gives justice to his role as the police officer. Their bonding seems to be like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson during the course of the film. Vaishnavi Menon seems to be one of the wrong cast members in the film and she is put-on as the murdered victim.

The director Dayal Padmanabhan has carved a niche in making experimental films in his career and this is one of them which comes in his coveted list of movies.

Overall, this film will give you a great time if you are planning to watch it in theatres. Get ready to expect the unexpected in the end.


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