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I love to stay relevant and updated as far as my stories are concerned:'100' Director Ramesh Aravind

Published On: 17 November 2021 | Sandalwood | By:

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Ramesh Aravind's, 100, releases this week. The filmmaker says he loves to stay relevant and updated as far as his stories are concerned and this also ensures it will appeal to the viewers.

The film, 100, deals with cybercrimes that are being discussed more than ever right now.Following is that Ramesh Aravind has to say about his next directorial venture:

One tends to gravitate towards things that are on your mind at any given time. When you come across a story that is parallel to something that is bothering you, you go for it. I was recently thinking, if someone is standing in the picturesque Kashmir valley with a view of the snowcapped Himalayas and a river flowing across. You're lost in the beauty, but you get one message, 120 characters, and that sucks all the beauty of the external world and you become sad and depressed. This is the power of one wrong message or bad news. This kind of damage can happen to anybody. 100 is about that - a beautiful family whose lives get disrupted by one such incident. Life is unpredictable, one message can ruin everything. It is a story that could happen to anyone.

Cybercrime has various aspects. One is financial in nature like ATM fraud and identity thefts. Then there is another sort that is emotional in nature. There have been suicide deaths that have happened only because of a comment on social media. One insult on social media sends people into a depression. There are people who promise love, but are frauds. My film is about this part of cybercrime. It is about the emotional angle. It is a family story, where the problems assume gigantic proportions as emotions are at play. We have family, emotions interlocked with cybercrime, hacking and social media. So, it is an interesting cocktail for me.

The half-a-dozen films releasing each week was bound to happen, as there were many waiting. Everyone has their own contractual obligations and issues that define the whole exercise. So, this was expected and we can only hope the best man wins right now. This bottleneck will streamline in due time.

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