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Four intresting characters of Bhajarangi 2

Published On: 23 October 2021 | Sandalwood | By:

Four intresting characters of Bhajarangi 2
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Bhajarangi 2 is the third collaboration of A Harsha and Shivarajkumar after Bhajarangi and Vajrakaya. The promotional material for the film shows the audience a world that is dark, different, and dangerous.

The interesting four characters whose looks have left people yearning to know more about them. are Jagrava, Guru,Aaraka and Sudhindra.

1. Jagrava is played by Prasanna Bhageena. Jagrava was one of the first of the intriguing characters that the team had revealed. Actor Prasanna, who plays the role, shares, “My character is someone who looks menacing at first sight. I am 6 feet 3 inches tall and I sport really long headgear. I play Jagrava, who is a slayer from the Kiraki dynasty. The headgear makes me look nearly 8 feet tall and for me, it was quite the challenge to sport this look as my costume was nearly 7 to 8 kgs in weight. This is one of those roles which will leave a lasting memory and I am motivated to do more such roles.”

2. Guru is played by Vajragiri. It is a dream come true for a 26-year-old actor, who stands at 6 feet 5 inches in height, to play a character much older than him. He is the narrator of sorts in the film. “I play Guru, the one who is learned and has all the knowledge, both dark and good, and is privy to all that is happening in the film. For me, someone who has played many roles in mythological serials, this was something still out of the box. First, because I play someone who is much older than I am in real life. I will be seen in three different avatars, where I am aged 60, 80, and 110 years of age respectively. This is a character who is very central to the theme. I even got to dub for myself differently for each of the periods,” shares Vajragiri.

3. Aaraka is played by Cheluvaraj. “My character Aaraka, as he has been described in his first look, is a demon. He is devoid of any emotions. Usually, when one sees an antagonist in a film, everyone gets to see him in one or a couple more of the navarasas. But my character will see him exploit all the navarasas in the most despicable way. I give all the credit to Harsha master for this, who has spent a lot of time trying to conceptualise the look and demeanour of each of these characters,” shares the actor.

4. Sudhindra is played by Saurav Lokesh aka Bhajarangi Loki. Among the four intriguing characters, Loki is the only one who has also featured in Bhajarangi as well. “My character Sudhindra is someone who lives in his own world and is content there. Incidents in his life become the catalyst for the narrative and what will be interesting for the audience is that I have two shades in the film. I knew this character as I was privy to the scripting process and I was delighted when I was offered the role. I also get another wish fulfilled, as Bhajarangi didn’t have any scenes featuring Shivarajkumar sir and me and this one allows that” adds the actor.

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