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'Dhoomam' can be made in any language as it deals with an issue relevant to all societies:Fahadh Faasil

Published On: 23 June 2023 | Sandalwood | By:

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Fahadh Faasil, the acclaimed Malayalam actor and the lead role in Pawan Kumar's film 'Dhoomam' shared the journey of how he convinced the filmmakers to make the film in Malayalam and discussed his approach to acting in different industries.

Pawan Kumar had been approaching Fahadh for Kannada projects since 2008, but Fahadh had initially declined the offers. However, when Pawan approached him with the pitch for 'Nicotine', Fahadh found it intriguing. The original plan was for Fahadh to play a supporting role while a Kannada star took the lead. However, when Fahadh inquired about the status of the project later, he learned that it was being produced by Hombale Films. Although Fahadh wished Pawan well, Hombale Films and executive producer Vijay Subramaniam expressed interest in collaborating with Fahadh for the project in Kannada. Fahadh declined the offer to play the hero in a Kannada film but proposed making it in Malayalam instead. After negotiations, the production team agreed to Fahadh's terms and decided to produce 'Dhoomam' in Malayalam, with a Kannada version as well.

Regarding the adaptation process, Fahadh mentioned that Pawan's films focus more on the theme rather than the geographical setting. Films like 'Lucia' and 'U-Turn' have shown that the story can be set anywhere, as long as the theme is effectively portrayed. 'Dhoomam' deals with a significant issue that is relevant to all societies, making it suitable for adaptation in various languages. Fahadh is curious to see how the audience will receive the film's message and hopes it will have a thought-provoking impact on them.

Fahadh expressed his commitment to his craft and the enjoyment he derives from his work. His growing popularity in different industries is a result of the consistent effort he has put into his career over the years, not just during the pandemic. He remains focused on delivering quality performances and finding fulfillment in his work.

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