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Ammachi Yemba Nennapu Movie Review: Three Women Takes On So-Called Conventions

Published On: 02 November 2018 | Sandalwood | By:

Ammachi Yemba Nennapu Movie Review: Three Women Takes On So-Called Conventions
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Ammachi Yemba Nennapu Movie Review: An inspiring tale of a woman which is quite relevant to most of the women who have braved all the odds. This one might get every woman a green signal to fight back. Check out our review...

Most of the art films are considered to be attracting a certain set of audience who are in love with a unique way of storytelling and the way how it connects to the reality with its impeccable storyline and superb technical details. 

Ammachi Yemba Nennapu is not just an art movie, it also has a unique style of connecting with the masses as well.

The film is based on Vaidehi's finest works of the same name and it is quite rooted. 

It's inspirational to every modern woman who is all set to take on the world filled with challenges to topple them.

The plot revolves around three women Akku, Sita and Puttamatte from different upbringings from a small town based in coastal Karnataka.  These women are filled with dreams in their eyes despite the regressive mindset of the society which thinks that this is not possible. 

The story is quite relatable to every person's life in a neighbourhood where pursuing dreams is an offence.

They tend to fight every problem ranging from mental health to being stereotyped as housewives sitting at home. 

These characters are quite relevant to Joan of Arc who doesn't like to be a part of the crowd by only following the norms.

Director Champa Shetty, who has been well-known for adapting Vaidehi's finest works has not adulterated the story at all. You might go for a virtual road trip while watching this film in theatres. 

More than the story, the setting of the characters is quite done in a really creative manner and you will feel as though these characters are your neighbours.

The best part about her direction is the bridge which she constructs between the intellectuals and the usual audience, this one will surely be a treat to watch in theatres.

After so many years, Sandalwood has finally come up with a very good flick which is Oscar-worthy material when it comes to setting and narrative. 

Even though the entry has been finalized but we can still hope that a film like this might be screened at different film festivals worldwide.

Don't miss this one, if you are in a gloomy mood and you want some entertainment. Watch this flick, once it finishes you will come out with a smile on your face.

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