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T-Series Owner Bhushan Kumar's wife Divya Kumar Khosla makes a video lashing out at Sonu Nigam, Sonu posts it on his own YouTube channel

Published On: 25 June 2020 | Bollywood | By:

T-Series Owner Bhushan Kumar's wife Divya Kumar Khosla makes a video lashing out at Sonu Nigam, Sonu posts it on his own YouTube channel
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Divya Kumar Khosla releases an Instagram video, where she lashes out at Sonu Nigam. Accused of having connections with Abu Salem.

Divya Kumar Khosla has come up with an Instagram post and lashes out at singer Sonu Nigam. 

Sonu Nigam last week posted a video blog in which he complained about the cruel machinations of the music industry, days after actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his home and the police confirmed suicide. "You might soon hear about suicides in the music industry", Sonu Nigam said, and called out the mafias of the music industry.

Now, Divya Khosla Kumar has posted an Instagram video with a point-by-point blow to Sonu Nigam's allegation, which she says are simply rants, especially the part when he says Bhushan Kumar went to him asking for protection from Abu Salem. Bhushan Kumar is the son of T-Series founder Gulshan Kumar, who was shot dead in 1997. 

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"When tragedy struck T-Series family after the death of Gulshan Kumar, Sonu Nigam thought the company will sink and so he signed up with an obscure music company. He was thankless, he did not think twice about standing with T-Series in a tough time, didn't think about supporting Gulshan Kumar ji's son Bhushan ji, who was only 18 then," Divya Khosla Kumar said in the video.

"Rather he started working with another music company, after which the inexperienced Bhushan ji then used to go to him for small help. Sonu Nigam is now using that phase as a leverage today to hit out at T-Series. Sonu Nigam claims Bhushan ji asked him 'mujhe Abu Salem se bacha lo' (save me from Abu Salem). I want to ask something now, Sonu Nigam ji, why would Bhushan ji come to you to save himself from Abu Salem? I want an investigation. Was there a link between Abu Salem and Sonu Nigam? Yes, definitely there was. That's why Bhushan ji went to him for help. Sonu Nigam himself said in his video that Bhushan ji had come to him for help," Divya Khosla Kumar said. 

In the video posted last week, Sonu Nigam had repeatedly requested the alleged "music mafias" to be kind and considerate towards new talent. 

Divya Khosla Kumar took him head-on. "For the last few days Sonu Nigam has been running a campaign against T-Series and Bhushan Kumar ji. T-Series has helped thousands of creative professionals who are outsiders, not linked to industry, music directors, singers, actors, directors. I have myself given a chance to newcomers. Four of them - Neha Kakkar, Rakul Preet Singh, Himansh Kohli and composer Arko have grown and found success," the T-Series' owner's wife said.

"Sonu Nigam says the industry doesn't give a right direction to talent. But you're a legend, I want to ask, you are a big star, how many people have you given a chance till today? You're a big legend and many people must be coming to you for help, like 'Sonu ji mere bete ko madad kar dijiye, hume milwa dijiye T-Series mein'… But you have not even come once saying 'isko chance dedo, yeh bada talent hai', you have never introduced any new talent to the industry, you have never spoken about giving a chance to people," Divya Khosla Kumar said.

"It is very easy to talk hiding on social media, but how many talent on the ground level have you pushed forward? No one, except yourself. You have not given any chance to anybody new in the industry… And you are blaming us that we don't give a chance to people, when in fact 97 per cent people working in T-Series are outsiders, not industry kids, they have no previous link with the industry. We are always looking for new talent," she said. 

"Let me tell you, Sonu Nigam used to sing at Delhi's Ram Lila for five rupees. Gulshan Kumar ji spotted him and saw talent, gave him flight ticket, brought him to Bombay, and said, 'beta I will make you a star'. Now you tell me, Sonu Nigam ji, this was said to you or not? Will you deny it now? Gulshan ji did films with you, took you to great heights, but what did you do?"

Divya has removed her comment section. Interestingly, Sonu Nigam has posted her video on his own channel. Captioning the video, 'I think she forgot to open her comments. Let's help her in that'.

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