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Pihu Movie Review: The Worst Nightmare You've Never Seen

Published On: 15 November 2018 | Bollywood | By:

Pihu Movie Review: The Worst Nightmare You've Never Seen
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Pihu Movie Review: The trailer got most of the netizens terrified with its edge-of-the-seat moments and shocking visuals. But the only thing for the film matters is the review. Check it out...

It's been one year since most of us watched the Rajkummar Rao starrer Trapped which explored the life of an urban young man whose life goes upside down when he gets trapped in his newly bought flat for hours without food and water. But in Pihu, it turns out to be a two-year-old girl who gets trapped in a high-rise flat with many things going in a tizzy.

Two-year-old Pihu wakes up in the opening of the film and we see that she lay next to her mother's lifeless body. A few minutes later, we see that the house is in a very different stage ranging from balloons, confetti spread everywhere in the house which clearly indicates that there was a birthday party hosted last day. 

The girl struggles to wake her mother who I think must be dead and the only thing which got me goosebumps was the activities the little girl does. She starts using the gas stove, geyser, microwave which suddenly bursts after a long time. The only thing which made me jump from my seat was the portion when she tries to climb the balcony.

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The director has done a great job in the direction and using the setting of an urban flat instead of an abandoned island. The camerawork done by Jaini gets you involved in the film. Mind you, this film is not for the faint-hearted as if you are going to watch it then you should have the guts to finish it up as well.

The film actually gives an eye-opener to most of the modern couples out there who are so busy with their lives that they don't actually have time to check on their children.

The timing seems very crisp and apt when it comes to portraying path-breaking stories on the silver screen,

Overall, the film is perfect for web platforms which have been giving out such awesome stories for the past few months but I don't think that this one deserves a theatrical release.

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