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OMG 2 Certified 'A'; All Set To Release On August 11

Published On: 01 August 2023 | Bollywood | By:

OMG 2 Certified 'A'; All Set To Release On August 11
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Akshay Kumar's highly anticipated film OMG 2 has been a subject of attention due to potential scrutiny by the Censor Board to avoid controversies like Adipurush. However, the film has now passed without any cuts, requiring only a few modifications.

The highly anticipated film "OMG 2," starring Akshay Kumar, has been creating a lot of buzz ever since reports emerged about potential additional scrutiny from the Censor Board to avoid controversies similar to those faced by the film "Adipurush." However, recent updates shed light on the film's certification process, indicating that it has been passed without any cuts. Instead, only a few modifications have been requested.

The decision to go for an Adult certification was made to uphold the film's integrity and prevent compromising its essence. The Censor Board committee had initially suggested numerous cuts for a UA certificate, which the makers did not want to accept. They were determined to preserve the sanctity of the film, and, as a result, chose the Adults certification option, respecting the norms set by the censor board.

The required modifications pertain to both audio and visual aspects of the film. Among the changes is an alteration to Akshay Kumar's character. In the final version of the film, he will be portrayed as a messenger of Lord Shiva instead of directly embodying the deity himself.

By opting for this approach, the filmmakers hope to maintain the authenticity of the storyline and avoid any potential controversies or objections. They believe that the portrayal of Akshay Kumar's character as a messenger rather than a deity will still effectively convey the essence of the film's social-themed comedy-drama.

With the film undergoing these changes, fans and audiences are eagerly awaiting its release to experience the story and performances that promise to entertain and enlighten. As "OMG 2" prepares for its release, the focus remains on showcasing the narrative in a way that respects artistic vision while adhering to the guidelines set by the Censor Board.

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