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Kangana Ranaut mocks Diljit Dosanjh for holidaying abroad, Diljit hits back

Published On: 05 January 2021 | Bollywood | By:

Kangana Ranaut mocks Diljit Dosanjh for holidaying abroad, Diljit hits back
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This time, Kangana accused Diljit of holidaying abroad after “instigating” the farmers’ protest. Diljit too had an interesting response.

Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh are at it again. The Twitter war of words between the actors continues and this time, the Queen actress accused Diljit of holidaying abroad after “instigating” the farmers’ protest. Kangana launched a fresh attack on the singer-actor after he posted four pictures of himself on Twitter from abroad. But Diljit had the perfect comeback to Kangana’s incessant attacks.

Diljit Dosanjh shared four pictures of himself from an undisclosed location. In the pictures, Diljit can be seen posing in the backdrop of a snowcapped landscape. He shared the pictures on Instagram and well as Twitter. 

Kangana Ranaut mocked Diljit for holidaying abroad after fuelling the ongoing farmers' protest. Reacting to Diljit’s social media posts, Kangana wrote, “Wah brother!! Desh mein aag lagake kisanon ko sadak le baitha ke local karantikaris videsh mein thand ka maza le rahe hain, wah!!! Isko kehte hain local kranti (Wow, brother. After instigating farmers and making them sit on the streets, the ‘local revolutionary’ is enjoying the winter holidays abroad. This is a true local revolution).” 

Diljit, without wasting time, responded to Kangana's tweet in his signature style. “Enu Mai PR Lai Na Rakh Lava? Dimagh Chon Tan Jaanda Ni Mai edey (Should U keep her as a PR representative? She can’t keep me out of her mind),” Diljit wrote sharing an article talking about Kangana’s Twitter remarks. He shared the news report and joked that he should hire Kangana as his PR representative as she can't get him out of her head. 

He then followed it up with a long note on Twitter that read, “Kisaan Neyane Ni Ke Tere Mere Wargeya De Kehn Te Sadkan Te Beh Jaan Ge.. Vaise Tainu Bulekha Zyada aa Apne Barey..PUNJAB NAAL C.. HAAN .. Te Raha Ge..Tu v Hatdi Ni Sara Din Mainu Hee Dekhdi Rehni an.. Ah Jawab V Leyna Tere Ton Haley PUNJABI’AN Ne.. MATT Sochi Asi Bhul Gay (Farmers aren't kids who will take to the roads because people like us told them to. By the way you have more misconceptions about yourself. Punjab was, with, and will be with the Farmers. You also don't budge and keep on looking at me all day. Punjabis also want you to answer for this, don't think we've forgotten)" (sic).” He wrote the above statement in Punjabi and accompanied it with a video of an elderly woman hitting out at Kangana Ranaut.

Responding to Diljit’s tweet, Kangana wrote, “Time will tell, friend, who fought for the rights of the farmers and who against them. Hundred lies cannot hide one truth, and you will never be hated if you care for someone with all your heart. You think all of Punjab is against me? Haha don’t dream so big your heart will break (sic).” 

Diljit Dosanjh finishes off with a last tweet that read, “Mainu Eh SAMJH Ni Aundi ke Enu Kisan’an Ton Ki Prob. aa? Madam Ji Sara Punjab hee KISAN’AN DE NAAL AA.. Tusi Twitter te Bhulekhe Ch Zindagi Jee Rahe Hon..TERI TAN KOI GAL V NI KAR RIHA..Akhey “ SADDI NA BULAI MAI LAADEY DI TAEE (I don't understand what problem does she have with farmers? Madam, entire Punjab is with farmers. You are living your life on Twitter and in misconceptions. Nobody is even talking about you)." 

Before Diljit Dosanjh headed abroad for a vacation, there were reports that an income tax probe had been initiated against Diljit Dosanjh. The reports started doing the rounds after he donated Rs 1 crore to the farmers. Following the new flight of allegations against him, the singer-actor shared certificate from the Ministry of Finance and refuted the news of any income tax probe against him.

The actor also shared video regarding the same. “There was news that my foundation is connected with some politician. Very good Raje Keep doing this, no worries no matter how hard you try Such people’s aim is to distract from real issues. So they will keep doing this. Hope there is some solution (to farmers agitation) as today is January 4. I have always appealed and spoken for peace. Never said anything provocative,” Diljit said in the video. 

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