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Gold movie review: Patriotism at it's finest

Published On: 15 August 2018 | Bollywood | By:

Gold movie review: Patriotism at it's finest
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Gold is a movie that brings out the perfect fold of how India had fought and struggled to be a free nation today. It reminds us of the fact that people once had to do something and live with struggles.

Gold brings out the strong feeling of patriotism when the movie is being played, it shows us the true meaning of what it is to be in love with your country and be able to do whatever one can.

Tapan Das (Akshay Kumar) is the junior manager during the 1936 Berlin Olympics for the British Indian hockey team. British India defeated Germany quite easily and won the gold medal. Since India then was still under the British rule, the British national anthem was played at the end of the match. Tapan feels humiliated and he vows to help a free India win the Olympics and then stand proudly as Jana Gana Mana will be played. Unfortunetly the World War 2 begins soon enough and the 1940 and 1944 editions of the Olympics get cancelled. In 1945, the war ends and in 1946, it is announced that the 1948 Olympics will take place in London. The independence of India is also near. Tapan by now has become an alcoholic and owes a lot of money to a lot of people. with a lot of consideration the federation allows Tapan to keep his promise of winning a gold in the Olympics and thus starts his journey to find the next national Hockey team of India.

Tapan finally has the team set and is ready to already rejoice with them his victory on finding the national team that would be playing at the Olympics. Everything was going absolutely fine until the partition of India and Pakistan took place, since the team Tapan had made consisted of a lot of Pakistanis and men from England, all of them left choosing their lives and families instead of risking it all. 

While all hope is being lost, Tapan gets up and reminds himself that he not only promised his team and other that he would win a gold but also remembers how he promises himself that he would win for his Country Independent India. All the scenes put together in the movie bring out such a wonderful feeling of patriotism for all the viewers and the audience who are paying attention. 

The dialogues that are put forward in the movie brings us all back to the reality about how the movie is not merely for the reasons we see on the screen, it brings us back to how it has a historical significance to it and it brings us to a place where we reminisce about how and why India fought and how they got through it all.

The movie is the perfect combination of love, joy, passion and a feeling of patriotism. Some of the lines delivered by Akshay Kumar hits us right in the feels and brings us back to the importance and risk in which India gave it their all to get to the place they were in that moment.

The perfect movie to celebrate India's 71 years of Independence.

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