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Baazaar Movie Review: A Peek Into The Lucrative World Of Money And Luxury

Published On: 25 October 2018 | Bollywood | By:

Baazaar Movie Review: A Peek Into The Lucrative World Of Money And Luxury
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Baazaar Movie Review: The film marks the comeback of Saif Ali Khan after a brief sabbatical and this time he has shed his old image to pull off another intense role like Michael Douglas did in 1987 film Wall Street.

There is a portion in Alibaba And The Forty Thieves when Qasim gets inside the cave to get more gold and in excitement, he forgets the password gets slaughtered by the thieves when they spot him in the cave. This is what is shown in Baazaar which stars Saif Ali Khan and debutante Rohan Mehra in it.

The film revolves around Rizwan Ahmed (Rohan Mehra), a budding stockbroker from Allahabad who is filled with dreams in his eyes to take over the world of business and power. He leaves Allahabad and decides to head to Mumbai to set the foothold in the ruthless world of money, luxury and wealth. He ends up meeting his loved idol Shakun Kothari (Saif Ali Khan) who is like The Godfather in the stock trading business. As the film progresses, we get to see a different set of characters like a competitive stockbroker Priya Rai (Radhika Apte) and Mandira (Chitrangada Singh), the manipulative wife of Shakun. All this is shown in the crème de la crème world of stocks and business.

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The director Gauravv Chawla has taken a very cool subject when it comes to showing films for the audience who have completely outgrown watching masala potboilers and overrated flicks. Kudos to the setting which made Mumbai's stock broker's wealthy lifestyle with yachts, clubs and parties equivalent to the white collars residing in New York with sports cars and swanky penthouses. 

The writing by Aseem Arora seems perfect in the film and there are some loopholes in between but that can be compensated with some good performances from the actors who have worked really hard in giving their best.

The background score of the film composed by John Stewart Eduri matches perfectly with the film and the best part about it is that Bollywood is finally getting out of their comfort zone with such wonderful content which will make the star power flat.

Saif pulls off this role with intense expressions and the body language of his as a shrewd Marwari business complements perfectly with his white streak on his hair which is just mind-blowing. Despite the film happens to be the debut of Rohan Mehra, he acts like as if it is the last performance of his career, Rohan has a very bright future in the world of Bollywood. The actresses have also shown their acting chops especially Radhika Apte who's glamorous as hell and Chitrangada shows off her sexy side by playing the manipulative Mandira.

Overall, you will tend to saturate from the usual stereotypical films which the film industry has been spoonfeeding for years.

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