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Widows Trailer Decode

Published On: 05 June 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Widows Trailer Decode

Widows is a 2018 heist thriller which is about a bunch of widows who decide to plan a heist which their husbands planned before their deaths.

After watching the trailer, I was pretty much excited after watching it, most of the heist thrillers like the ocean's series, the Italian job mostly involve an ensemble cast and this is also just like it but with women. 

Here is a complete decode of the trailer right here:

1. A simple background of the characters: The opening of the trailer shows the male characters soft side which consist of a romantic moment of Liam Neeson with Viola Davis.

Liam Neeson with Viola Davis

2. The real plot kicks in: The plot kick starts when the gang end up getting killed in a police shootout and leave a lot of debt to pay for their wives after their death.

The Intense Scene

3. Planning The Heist: The best part of the trailer, when the women leave their grief aside and conspire the same heist which was orchestrated by their late husbands to pay off their debts.

Planning The Heist

4. Women In Action: The widows begin their combat training and you can literally see with this image when Cynthia Erivo shows in her face that she's got nothing to lose.

Time For Action Ladies

5. Emotional Moments: This moment will make the audience emotional when you see Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Erivo praying at the church along with the kids.

Emotional Moments

6. "What Will Happen Next?": This one got me guessing about what's gonna happen and how will this go down?. We only need to find out only when the movie releases.


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