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White Boy Ricky: Trailer decode of the true story of the youngest ever FBI Informant

Published On: 05 June 2018 | Hollywood | By:

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A stellar true story of White boy Rick (Richmond), the drug lord who cooped up crooked cops and the town mayor of Detroit. Richard Wershe Jr. was the youngest ever kingpin cum FBI informant to rack up some impressive takes during his endeavour.

A broken family, tainted by drugs used by their teenage children. The neighbourhood of Detroit was infested with gangs dealing in the drug market business and made devils money out of it. White Boy Rick is a compelling true story of Richard Wershe Jr. who became a drug lord amidst an African-American environment of Detroit.

We see Mathew McConaughey playing Robert Wershe Sr., the father who has highly misled theories of fatherhood. The father himself is a selfish businessman, but reaps nothing but losses at home with his children in jeopardy of dear life. As we see him rush home to see his daughter having a moment with another man, all he does is shout at the kid for having some damn drugs at home. Quite ridiculous, but that’s somewhat a description of the real father. Like sited before, kids were highly miss led, we see the daughter just run across to chase dad’s car in just her innerwear and then later telling her to get ready cause they’re going to leave for some ‘custard’.

But the son on the other side is the street smart kid who knows how to get his way around the hood. He partners with the other young drug dealers and takes a trip to meet the boss.

Moreover when things go wrong for Ricky and we see him plead to his daddy for help –“I know all the players, but aint nothing about the game” and left us hanging to see what happens next. We see them in big lush houses and how success elevates them to places they dreamt of. Dad-son became more like best friends and partners in crime. Ricky though later is revealed to his dad that he was actually an informant and not just any kingpin as his partner.

The trailer from the get go, start to finish is a whole prelude to a great movie which could be sniffing some Oscar nominations.

The trailer does a good just in keeping us waiting for the movie to release. Movie hits reels on September 14 later this year.

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