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The Nun Movie Review: Combinations of subtle suspenses and jumpscares

Published On: 12 September 2018 | Hollywood | By:

The Nun Movie Review: Combinations of subtle suspenses and  jumpscares

Ever had a strict teacher the whole class was afraid of? And then down the line, you start getting to know their true colours and start to find it funny everytime she/he tried being scary again. I had the opportunity to rediscover this feeling all over again.

As the crowd and seats started filling up on a weekday afternoon(a full house on a weekday, surprising isn’t it?) there also rose the expectations towards the movie. With utmost reverence and respect for the movie cause of the hype and the fact that it is an instalment from the Conjuring universe, everyone sat down.

Stop right there.

15 minutes down the movie mostly everyone was in their chitter-chatter, snapchat and Instagram story making etc. The Nun failed to grab the attention of the people from the beginning. The story introduced us to 3 characters Father Burke, Sister Irene and Frenchie. Father Burke was chosen/appointed by the Pope in Rome to go to Romania. Romania was the place wherein a nun supposedly committed a suicide(which in the end we know it was for another reason).

Sister Irene is the brave one chosen by the Pope to assist Father Burke cause of her familiarity of Romania. But further, we come to know she is hardly educated about Romania.

The movie has a Flux of repeated sceneries, backgrounds and people. There are very unclear occurrences in the movie. From secluded abbeys, sisters just rush in a sudden rush.

The trio when first entering a secret part which goes to look like a mummies tomb, they encounter the evil spirit. But none of the trios was traumatized by this. It was quite ungenuine.

The movie lacked a depth of acting, Good direction and a satisfactory story. The movie towards the end and climax included multiple humorous dialogues.


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