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‘The Nun’ makes no jump scares at the box office

Published On: 11 September 2018 | Hollywood | By:

‘The Nun’ makes no jump scares at the box office
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Brought from the Conjuring universe, ‘The Nun’ hasn’t failed to make an impact in the box office in the global box office. $18.5 Million and counting within the first 2 days. The Taissa Farmiga film hasn’t led to many disappointments but rather hasn’t awoke much great emotions.

The Nun’ screened at 41 international markets which comprises of United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Indonesia, Portugal, Columbia among the few. It was the second largest horror film after ‘It’ in the South American subcontinent. Movie previews raked in $566,000 from 516 screens.

What added to the total earnings was the deployment and screening of the movie in new markets.

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The movie is based on the story line of a nun being demonised by a dark spirited ghost. This nun made her appearance first in Conjuring 2 and also a scene from ‘Annabelle: Creation’

Reviews has been pouring in from different critics and the verdict from what we can assume is that it has mixed opinions.

Why can’t it be great?

  1. Story line
  2. ‘IT’ was a major success because it stepped out of the comfort zone of horror filmmakers. For obviousness, yes darkness does gives the jitters. But filming under shadows makes everything more expectable. IT dealt with horrors and scares in broad daylight.

Why is it great?

  1. The camerawork. Dynamic, smart and exceptional.
  2. Just like any other horror film, the background score.
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