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Slender Man Trailer Decode: Bringing the myth to life

Published On: 26 July 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Slender Man Trailer Decode: Bringing the myth to life
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Slender Man, the creepy, well-dressed supernatural creature who originated as a meme, has taken on a life of his own since his original 2009 incarnation

The character Slender Man has found its way into the public consciousness, and even inspired a real-life attempted murder. Now the murderous ghoul is getting his own movie, Slender Man, and the first Slender Man trailer has arrived to give everyone the creeps.

The Trailer showcases the myth of Slender Man, but brings out all the superstitions as real.  But the question still remains if a movie that is way behind on it's time will ever scare or reach audiences.

The trailer, regardless does bring out aspects that can and may frighten us but how far can they take us? Most of all the trailer portrays the same concept as the game, where when you see the Slender Man once he can never leave you or your mind alone. The trailer definitely shows the concept and brings out the elements that keep us on the tip of our chairs.

We can only believe it when we see it.

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