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Skyscraper Movie Review: Edge of the seat stunts. Ridiculous climax.

Published On: 22 July 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Skyscraper Movie Review: Edge of the seat stunts. Ridiculous climax.
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Dwayne comes up big with his heroics in a stunt filled movie.

Exacting the right scenes from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson the big man, funny man, top agent and army personnel, family man, coming to your rescue man and not so screen worthy lovey-dovey man. We’ve seen him do it almost all. He’s been doing some remarkable roles these years. He might seem almost like an impossible human figure enormous but humble. A bit of everything which makes him human as ever even though in a glance his stature would look out of the world. 

But a man arming duct tape around his wrists to use it as suction cups to scale the 1000+ skyscraper, amputee, a man running like he’s got a dog chasing him, leaping to the neighboring alpine high-rise without plummeting to his death(ofcourse), while also unarmed still manages to dodge every shot thrown at him and a high-speed car chase. Pft,the tower of cliches.

The protagonist John Sawyer is an ex-FBI agent who’s now moved paths and is given the task of locking down the security of the skyscraper situated in Hong Kong. He’s found home here with his wife and twins. On the out-set, his threat comes to life. Multiple armed men set the whole first deck floor on fire. On close combat with the thugs, he is wounded severely and is forced to revive himself with a surgery done on himself by himself.  

This is where the stunts begin. He's monkey barring over thin ledges from high altitudes on the crane. The movie steps into a phase of ridiculousness once he's dipped into one-dimension CGI graphic flames. 

The movie comes out in the right not but for a wrong song. 

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