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Self, Society and Universe: Broad Classification of Christopher Nolan Films

Published On: 30 July 2019 | Hollywood | By:

Self, Society and Universe:  Broad Classification of Christopher Nolan Films
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Christopher Nolan, Filmmaker, who can meld thought-provoking philosophy with big-budget spectacles and can still make it look simple. Today on his birthday let's retrospect his filmography and identify certain themes that keep repeating! Self, Society, and Universe

Subjective Reality vs Objective Faith, The core idea behind all conflicts in his Stories, the tension between the reality of our lives in the subjective world and an idea of our lives with an objective faith! The inclination of Protagonist is always towards an objective idea, like the Batman's objective faith to solving Gotham's corruption and His villain's realist solutions 'to kill the city to save it', the later one is easy. In a way, Nolan aligns to the idea that Protogonist always takes a difficult path.

In the facet of big-budget spectacles, Nolan keeps questioning the reality of Self, Society, and Universe - Do/Can we really understand them ever? here we have classified some of his movies into questioning self, society or Universe, so you could rewatch them with a new perspective. The films that predominantly challenge the 


1. Following (1999)

2. Memento (2002)

3. Prestige (2006)

4. Inception (2010)


The Dark Knight Trilogy  (2005, 2008, 2012)


 Interstellar (2014)

P.S. I haven't watched Dunkirk yet. 

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