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Peppermint Trailer Decode: Jennifer Garcia the Vigilante Mom

Published On: 05 June 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Peppermint Trailer Decode: Jennifer Garcia the Vigilante Mom
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Circumstances make people do things no one expects one to do. But here's how's wonderful mom turns into super skilled fighter loaded with her van and cavalry of guns.

Probably messing with Jennifer Garner isn’t probably the person you want to mess with after she shun in the boxers gloves in “Million Dollar Baby”. Oh wait...that was Hilary Swank. They look almost identical!

Anyways, they say mothers are a child’s best protector, ever cared to wonder what happens if they weren’t able to protect them? Peppermint shows you what exactly happens if you mess with a mother, she comes to kick ass as a vigilante killer for vengeance for the death of her daughter and husband. Jennifer Garner manages to survive after being shot along with her family by a Mexican drug cartel, ‘The Garcia Brothers’. This is no friendly show off between the good v/s evil.

After being shot away from getting justice, she seeks to get back to avenge the murders. She was bribed, threatened and even given false statements in the court, even from the judge. Against all odds, it took her 5 good years of training and homework sculpt the skills she needed to bring home the justice she deserves all this, being completely under cover, being untraceable.


Her motivation was to get back for the wrong that fell upon her daughter and husband. “Watching somebody take everything from you, makes you into somebody else.”

Even though the trailer makes quite an impact, boring old dialogues and predictable outcomes are what stops it from propelling to being a super hit. All said and done, the movie is worth the watch, don’t forget to mark your calendar for its release on September 21, 2018

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