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No One Does J.Lo Like J.Lo !

Published On: 25 May 2018 | Hollywood | By:

No One Does J.Lo Like J.Lo !
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Jennifer Lopez has it all in "Dinero"- designer clothes, expensive jewelry, Cardi B. In her new music video, directed by Joseph Kahn and featuring DJ Khaled, J.Lo does everything from burn money (and use it to make s'mores) to take her pet ostrich for a walk.

The video, filmed completely in black and white, features JLo being a boss as she grills up some fat steaks while wearing lingerie, dominates a game of strip poker against three men and other antics.

DJ Khaled is also spotted smoking a fat cigar and hyping up the track’s main attractions: Cardi B and Lopez, who are clad in elegant masquerade attire as they decimate an elegant mansion.

The video is full of high-fashion moments, showing J.Lo in feathers, fedoras and furs. At one point, Lopez even wears a bedazzled jersey with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez's number on it.

DJ Khaled is the go-to hype man—every now and then he shouts “mo money!” But Cardi B really shines (as usual), reliably serving up a rap interlude with such lyrical gems as, “I just want my money, chips, guac, and queso” and, referring to herself and J.Lo as: “Two bad bitches that came from the Bronx/Cardi from the pole and Jenny from the block.”

Check out the extravagant video below:

E! News got an exclusive sneak peek of Lopez's "Dinero" music video over the weekend, just before the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on NBC. "It's so much fun," the global music superstar told Jason Kennedy on Live From the Red Carpet. "I'm a lucky girl. They are both are on fire right now. I sent them the song and they both loved it. Khaled's like, 'I know exactly what to do with that record!' He did some production stuff on it, and then Cardi came on and just blazed the whole thing. It just came together really easily and fun. I'm so excited about it."

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