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Ladies In Black Trailer Decode: A Transformation From Dork To Glam

Published On: 04 July 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Ladies In Black Trailer Decode: A Transformation From Dork To Glam
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Ladies in Black is the movie adaptation of The Women In Black written by Madeleine St John. The movie is set in Sydney, Australia and takes us back to 1959 when migrants were on the rise.

The trailer of Ladies In Black looks just amazing and I can't take my eyes off these pretty ladies who have just floored us with their amazing looks.

Here is a complete decode of the trailer

1. Lisa's Introduction: Lisa (Angourie Rice) is shown as a usual high school girl with nerdy glasses, two pigtails and shy at her approach when she is roped as the sales girl in a clothes store.

Lisa's Introduction

2. Fay and Magda, the pretty ladies: Rachel Taylor and Julia Ormond, who are prettiest ladies in the story are excited as ever when they see a new colleague in their store.

Pretty Girls

3. Sydney in 1959: A beautiful setting of the down under way back to the 1950s which was very vibrant and colorful with a lot of awesome landscapes.


4. A European Customer Enters The Store: An Eastern European customer enters the store and chooses Lisa to offer a helping hand to her.

European Customer

5. Lisa gets an offer from University of Sydney: Lisa is jubilant when she clears the high school and gets the application for college and is excited to start a new life.

University Offer

6. A complete transformation: Lisa undergoes a transformation from a shy nerdy girl to a completely gorgeous and pretty lady. This one is just a must watch.

Nerd To Glamorous

Check out the trailer right below:

The film will release on 18th October.

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