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Johnny English Strikes Again Movie Review: Wanna be James Bond and Kingsmen makeover, minus Technology

Published On: 21 September 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Johnny English Strikes Again Movie Review: Wanna be James Bond and Kingsmen makeover, minus Technology
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We 90’s kids have had our moments of glory watching John Atkinson’s silent acting bring us moments of infinite laughter. He was funny on a whole new level only few could act out. The first two parts gained much praise and name from the box office.

There's a lot to expect from a person we've seen in movies as well as cartoons as the same character/avatar. But here you go, with the third installment, Johnny English Strikes Again

Much to the awaited movie, the trailer really put us on thin ice to what to expect, as the trailer carried with its multiple emotions and expectations. 

Most interestingly, we really feel the character of James Bond coming through Johnny’s antics and performance. 

This is the third installment of the Johnny English series which came out 7 years after the previous part. Directed by David Kerr, we see Johnny English enact his role after coming out of retirement to save the British Intelligence Agency who’s M17 network has been hacked. The network hacked has published and revealed the identities of all their agents. But here’s English to save the day with his old school gadgets cause of his techno-phobia.

The old school spy now unfolds the mission with his assistant Bough(Ben Miller). We find it a little hard to laugh out too much in the movie. As we know Atkinson, it wouldn’t be in this kind of genre that would evoke a tummy tightening laughter. 

A downside of the movie would be Jake Lacy playing the role of a tech wiz who’s attempt to rule the world with his power and prowess goes to a flop show. His intention to do so lacked from the par, he lacked sufficient evilness.

If jokes are the heart of a comedy, then the joke rate is like the heart beat and this film is close to flat lining.

On a serious note this is an interesting sequel. The skill of physical humour really anchors Atkinsons ability to carry the film despite cringy humour.

The Prime Minister played by Emma Thompson, Russian seductive spy played by Olga Kurylenko and English’s assistant Bough played by Ben Miller seamlessly delivered good performances to play their part to perfection.

Like the previous two parts we would definitely see this gaining rank on the box office charts as this is a safe bet for the whole family from kids to grandparents to watch and enjoy.

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