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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: Trailer Decode

Published On: 13 May 2019 | Hollywood | By:

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Game of Thrones Finale trailer is out. Everyone has realized the potential of Targaryen's Fire and Blood. Jon is disillusioned of his love and Tyrion of his Queen. Did Dany really win the Last War? What awaits the fate of the Iron Throne?

Game of Thrones season eight, episode six will be the show’s series finale. The trailer for it doesn’t reveal a much but it does set the tone for the finale of the show. 

As we can see, Tyrion is shocked at the plight that has befallen King's Landing. All his pleas to safeguard the innocents of the city fell o deaf ears when Daenerys chose to "Burn 'em all", as if she was punishing them all. Dothrakis and Unsullied have fulfilled the purpose for which they crossed the sea and are celebrating their victory. Arya stands next to Unsullied not in a celebratory mood as he looks forward. Daenerys, walks in what could be called a victorious gait. She is finally the Queen, or is she? Jon is no where to be seen, looks like he wants to play no part in this victory. Jon has always been a leader who is has always put his people's interests ahead of him. Will he do the same when he realizes that Daenerys doesn't hold their good interests? The look on Arya's face hows that there might be just another name added to her list.

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Game is not over yet...The conflict is no longer Starks versus Lannisters or humans versus undead ---its rather who a ruler should be? The one who is feared or the one who is loved. Who is a rightful heir? Will Jon still defend Daenerys claim for throne or he can see the tyrant? Tyrion's trust is broken and now he now his sister wasn't the only monster in the fight. From a naive girl sold to a horse lord across the sea, Daenerys has now become the one to inherit th legacy of the mad King.

Who sits on the Iron Throne will be decided next episode. Till then one can flip a coin and see, if Westeros will have a happy ending or another Inning for the Mad King.

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