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Christopher Nolan: The Next Spielberg In The Making

Published On: 30 July 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Christopher Nolan: The Next Spielberg In The Making
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The man who is famous for giving futuristic films and making them close to reality as well. I'm talking about Christopher Nolan who is famous for his films which are popular with the young adults and the intellectuals. The director had even visited India later this year and promised to shoot a film in India this time.

Here are some of my favorites from the talented filmmaker:

1. Memento (2000): Much before Kollywood and Bollywood made Ghajini, this was the first one which is still remembered as a classic. The film revolved around an insurance fraud investigator who suffers from memory loss when his wife is raped and killed during an investigation. This was a must watch for the fans.


2. The Batman Trilogy (2005-2012): After many directors failed to recreate the Batman on silver screen. Nolan stepped forward and gave a realistic approach to the character which undoubtedly broke the box-office records and also went on becoming the first film to be nominated in the Oscars.

Batman Trilogy

3. Inception (2010): The film dealing with corporate espionage was this film which was a combination of The Matrix meeting James Bond. This film was something which made the cine-buffs get into a very different world, this was surely a treat.


4. The Prestige (2006): The cinematic version of Kane and Abel where two acclaimed magicians battle out each other with their talents. This one was surely a treat for Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman fans to see each other battle it out.

The Prestige

5. Interstellar (2014): After Gravity created an impact in the box office, Interstellar was on a different level with the theme of space travel. Most of us were incaptivated with the idea of space travel to common man and it went on winning appreciation from audience.


 6. Dunkirk (2017): The film based on the true incident during the World War II where a bunch of soldiers were trapped on an island called Dunkirk which was located on the enemy territory. The film was well appreciated for its subject and it is still remembered too.


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