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Is There Any Ecstacy In Malayalam Horror Flicks?

Published On: 09 May 2019 | Mollywood | By:

Malayalam horror movies are on their roll and will there be an ending?

Is There Any Ecstacy In Malayalam Horror Flicks?
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Im not getting scared by the new reels. Is this a problem of my own?

Modern horror movies are making a lot of howls and cries just to make a possible impact of pure void. The background scores are imitations of something and the character is so ruthless by all means. Here I'm not trying to doormat the sophisticated techs. But I still love the ordinary vampiress. A.Vincent's Bhargavi Nilayam (1964) still makes me cuddle inside the blanket. The weird laughs and howls still have that impact of an intended scary movie. But all reels are not about Bhargavi. Some are very different from its origin's perspective.

Reels like Lisa, Indriyam, Ayushkaalam, Megha Sandhesham, Akaashaganga are some of the best Malayalam horror reels. They have a pretty good story line with credible authenticity. Lisa (1978) really created a upheaval inside the theatres. Some even got possessed by lisa's ghost after watching the reel. Meghasandhesham (2001) was an experimental kind of a reel with a pinch of modernity. Ayushkaalam (1992) had a fresh horror plot with a pretty good moral statement. Akashaganga (1999) was the first Malayalam movie to introduce morphing effect. Movies with such theories really got topped with appreciation and valour.

But now, what's really happening? Is it really scary?

Answer: The problem is, I'm not getting scared by the new horror flicks. Its only making an utopian settlement inside my psyche. Movies like 'Yakshi, Faithfully Yours" is not creating a full stop. Its only creating a never ending loop of uncertain gory images.

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