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Dimensions of the MG Srinivas Starrer " Birbal Triology Case 1 - Finding Vajramuni " Trailer

Published On: 17 January 2019 | Sandalwood | By:

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Birbal Trilogy is an upcoming Kannada Dark-Edgy-Crime-Drama Thriller film Series. The first part of which is releasing this Friday. The makers want to create a brand through a character name like it was done with Sherlock Holmes hence the name Birbal. Lets check out the Dimensions Trailer has revealed about the Movie in This Article.

The response to the trailer of the film has been so positive that the movie team has been already approached for the Hindi remake rights. The trailer has been cut brilliantly in a way that introduces us to the world of Birbal and leaves us curious to know more. It succeeds in making a visual impact. The expertise of Walter Cavotoi, Hollywood Colourist, reflects in every Frame.

The Trailer has already established the Conflict in Plot and reveals the mystery that Birbal (Played by MG Srinivas) is gonna solve in this flick. The rest of the story will be about the challenges faced by Birbal to crack this Case and find Vajramuni ( Synonymous to "The Ultimate Villain". Vajramuni is the stage name of veteran Kannada actor Sadanand Sagar, famous for playing Negative Characters)

The prelogue in the beginning of trailer talks about 3 dimensions of murder viz. Why,How and murderer. And mentions about the fourth Dimension which we always miss out and it has all answers, that is what Birbal will eventually figure out in this Edgy mission. But what it could be ? Maybe Context / Circumstances , looking forward to know.

"We wanted to create a brand through a character name like it was done with Sherlock Holmes or any character from the Marvel or DC universe. That character can be placed on any canvas and the audience already knows what kind of a person that character is and the story will unfold accordingly. Birbal is our attempt to do something like that in Kannada for the first time." said MG Srinivas in a media interaction. 

That means  the first part is gonna be the origin story of Birbal and his character arc ( journey of how he evolves) to win this mission. we will be introduced to the  Character traits of Birbal, which will make us adore him. 

what I'm looking forward to know is reason why Birbal gets indulged in this case, if thats convincing enough ill completely surrender to the Movie for throughout the duration. And Also curious to know the 4th Dimension of Murder.

Interesting Story and Brilliant presentation makes the movie a must watch. Movie is releasing on 18th january 2019.

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