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The 5 must watch realistic Hindi cop movies before you watch Ayushmann Khurrana’s Article 15.

Published On: 27 June 2019 | Bollywood | By:

The 5 must watch realistic Hindi cop movies before you watch Ayushmann Khurrana’s Article 15.
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If you are excited for Article 15 which is releasing tomorrow then these movies you should definitely watch.

Cop movies are notorious to showcase the hero in an inhumane way were protagonist single handily fight against the system.

Seldom there are movies were cops are shown grounded and works within the system but gives a great impact to the audience.

One of the upcoming film Article 15 is an example of these kinds of cop thriller which is inspired by the gang-rape and murder of two Dalit women in Badaun in Uttar Pradesh in 2014.

The reviews of Article 15 are already out and it is already registered as a critically appreciated film.

Before the official release of this film, we list 5 realistic cop films which you should watch before Article 15.

1) Ardh Satya (1983) – Director: Govind Nihalani

Whenever cop movies of Hindi Cinema should be discussed, it should be titled as before Ardh Satya and after Ardh Satya.

It is directed by Govind Nihalani starring terrific Om Puri and Smitha Patil. The film is written by renowned playwright Vijay Tendulkar, working to adapt Da Panvalkar’s short story Surya for the screen.

The film revolves around Anant Velankar an honest cop who is compromised to the system unwilling gets to favor mobster Rama Shetty which disturbs his personality.

Due to this, violence and angst get into his nerves and takes out his frustration on defenseless prisoners and, ultimately, himself. It’s a strong recommendation, please watch this masterpiece.

2) Sehar (2005) – Director: Kabeer Kaushik

This is arguably Arshad Warsi’s career-best performance. The movie traced the altercations between the Uttar Pradesh mafia and a Special Task Force (STF) of the UP police.

This fast-paced thriller is loosely based on the encounter of the notorious criminal Shiv Prakash Shukla (alias Shri Prakash Shukla) who was eliminated by the newly formed Special Task Force of the Uttar Pradesh Police. He was not only a dreaded gangster but also a connection between the underworld and the politicians.

Sushant Singh as Gajraj Singh’s character is based on Shiv Prakash Shukla and he has nailed the character with utmost sincerity.

3) Shool (1999) – Director: Eeshwar Niwas

This Manoj Bajpai starrer is produced by Ram Gopal Varma, written by Ram Gopal Varma and then-newcomer Anurag Kashyap who also wrote Satya for RGV.

It portrays the politician-criminal nexus and the criminalization of politics in Bihar, and its effect on the life of an honest police officer.

Manoj Bajpayee as Inspector Samar Pratap Singh has proved that why this guy is considered as the finest actor of this country.

But the film is mostly known for his deadly, psychopath criminal-politician Bachhu Yadav, a character loosely based on politician turned criminal, Mohammad Shahabuddin villain Bacchu Yadav.

Shivaji Shinde who portrayed the character of Bachhu Yadav chills your spine. His laugh and brutality make him one of the scariest.

4) Gangaajal (2003) – Director: Prakash Jha 

Before pot-boiler Singham, Ajay Devgan did a film which showed the brutality of a small town village. Amit Kumar (Ajay Devgan) is the new Superintendent of Police in charge of a notorious district in Bihar called Tejpur. 

Tejpur, which lies on the banks of the Ganga, is a particularly lawless town ruled by the father-son duo of Sadhu and Sundar Yadav (Mohan Joshi and Yashpal Sharma). Even the DIG of police, Amit's boss, and the state home minister turn their eyes away from the Yadavs' crimes. 

The film is loosely based on 1980 Bhagalpur blinding. It refers to a series of incidents in 1979 and 1980 in Bhagalpur in the state of Bihar, India when police blinded 31 individuals under trial (or convicted criminals, according to some versions) by pouring acid into their eyes. 

Gangaajal is an ironic metaphor for Acid.  

5) Ab Tak Chhappan (2004) – Director: Shimit Amin

The story revolves around Inspector Sadhu Agashe (Nana Patekar) from the Mumbai Encounter Squad famous for having killed 56 people in police encounters. 

It is inspired by the life of Police sub-Inspector of Mumbai Police Daya Nayak. 

Nana Patekar as encounter specialist Sadhu Agashe is a delight to watch. His effortless performance as a cop who compromises to the flaws of the system, later on, travels into a personal narrative where he avenges the gangster for his wife’s murder.

 The standout scenes are where he gives his gyaan to his junior officer lace with Nana’s swag. This also reminds you of Denzil Washington's iconic character Detective Alonzo Harris. from the movie Training Day.

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