Avengers Infinity War joins the $2 Billion Club

Published On: 13 June 2018 | Hollywood | By:

Movies are almost rarely ever added to the 2 Billion dollar grossing club. But 2018 had a major contestant and made it big there.

Avengers Infinity War joins the $2 Billion Club

A first of its kind movie tops the list, Avatar $2.78 Billion. Maybe not known or not know to have been grossed so much, at second place we have Titanic with $2.18 Billion. 

Third place is now threatened by our new entrant, Avengers. Star Wars: The Force Awakens sits on a sturdy 3rd place with $2.06 Billion and Infinity war has recorded $2.01 Billion. 

As the hype and trend lives on, will we see the Marvel movie casting 22 superhero's in a go to their 10 year compiled story topple Star Wars or anyone on a higher scale? 

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