1888 Movie Review: A Thrilling Dive into Social Realities and Digital Darkness

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1888 Movie Review: ⭐⭐⭐✨ | 1888 is a gripping Kannada film set during India's demonetization. It follows three strangers on a car journey, delving into their struggles amidst social and economic chaos. With raw authenticity and powerful performances, it's a must-watch thriller.


Director: Sourabh Shukla | Music Director: Girish Hothur

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1888 Movie Review:

1888 stands out as a unique treasure in today's Kannada film landscape, skillfully intertwining an engaging storyline with meaningful social insights. Set against the tumultuous backdrop of demonetization in India, the film follows the intertwined lives of three strangers who come together on a car journey that changes their destinies. Director Sourabh Shukla's debut venture employs a guerrilla filmmaking technique that lends the movie a raw, documentary-like authenticity, making it a standout in the genre.

Plot and Themes

The film plunges viewers into the immediate aftermath of demonetization, a period of economic upheaval that affected millions across India. The narrative's heart lies in its exploration of the socio-economic impact on ordinary people. Through the eyes of the three main characters, 1888 delves into issues of financial instability, trust, and survival in a rapidly changing world. The plot thickens as these characters navigate the dark web, an uncharted digital underworld where their paths cross and their lives are forever altered.

Cinematography and Direction

Sourabh Shukla's direction is truly innovative. He uses handheld cameras and films in real places, capturing the essence of a city in chaos. This filmmaking style makes the movie feel real and draws viewers into the story's excitement and suspense. The cinematography reflects the characters' unstable lives and the unpredictable journey through the digital maze they undertake.


The actors give strong and convincing performances that anchor the film's gripping storyline. Neethu Shetty shines as the mysterious lead, while Prathap Kumar, in an important role, matches her passion, propelling the plot. The actors, whether they're new or experienced, make it hard to tell what's real and what's not, making their characters' problems and successes feel very believable.

Narrative and Screenplay

While the screenplay is not without its imperfections, it is a commendable effort for a debut director. The story's slow start gradually builds to a gripping crescendo, with unexpected twists that keep the audience engaged. The film's commentary on the socio-economic impact of demonetization is both timely and thought-provoking, adding depth to the thriller elements.


1888 bravely delves into the complexities of the digital world and the challenges faced by modern India. With its raw and authentic style, along with strong acting and an engaging story, it's a must-see. Sourabh Shukla's debut hints at a promising future, leaving audiences eager for more of his innovative work. 

Dive into the shadows of 1888, let its tale captivate you, and uncover a narrative that resonates with honesty and truth.



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