Hrithik Roshan unveils trailer of 'Pushtaini'

Published On: 10 June 2024 | By:

Hrithik Roshan recently unveiled the trailer for "Pushtaini," the directorial debut of his acting coach, Vinod Rawat.

Hrithik shared the trailer on Instagram and penned a heartfelt note recounting the film's journey and Rawat's determination.

"Pushtaini" features Rawat as Bhuppi, a struggling actor who finds himself embroiled in a scandal while seeking his last shot at fame. The film includes a special appearance by Rajkummar Rao and is co-written by Rita Heer. It is produced by Lotus Dust Pictures and Rawat's VinRaw Films.

In his note, Hrithik expressed admiration for Rawat's perseverance, particularly during the pandemic when financial constraints and logistical challenges threatened the project's completion. Despite these hurdles, Rawat managed to complete the film, impressing Hrithik with its emotional depth and Rawat's multifaceted talent.

Hrithik emphasized the significance of supporting independent filmmakers and the impact of "Pushtaini" as a testament to creative resilience. The film is set to release in cinemas on June 21, 2024.